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Gourmet recipes

Gourmet Recipes

Scroll up and down our easy international Gourmet and Cuisine Recipes for every budget! is a collection of original easy and simple international gourmet recipes with great pictures presentation.

Super easy and fast to cook or bake! Simple instructions.

Creative and yummy gourmet recipes every week for every budget

Bon Appetite!

Trevi Gourmet was created by busy professional for those who enjoy entertaining and the art of artisan, European and international cooking. Here you will find authentic, grandma recipes adapted to your contemporary life style. All of our easy gourmet recipes are easy, fast and enjoyable to cook. Very simple, but elegant presentations which do not require special training just desire to please and amazed your dear gests.

If you will honor us by trying to prepare our recipes, just remember, all ingredients are absolutely must to be liked by you. All gourmet recipes are just a road map, but you are the driver, remember that. When you will use beer, wine or liquor suggested in the recipe, always use those that you prefer to drink. If you don't like to drink a particular beer, wine or liquor as a drink - never use them for cooking, you will not enjoy them in a cooked meal. This rule equally applies to gourmet recipes for sweets, meats and/or fish. Be creative in your cooking as you are creative in your daily life, and only then, you will enjoy the process, the final results and satisfied faces.

Our free online easy international cuisine recipes are delicious and for every budget.

We invite you and your friends to visit our site, try our free online easy and delish recipes and share yours, feel yourself at home, be our very welcomed guest. This site was created with you in mind and we hope you will have many happy returns. We sincerely hope that Trevi Gourmet will become a tasty place for you, your family and friends.

All gourmet recipes are original and written by me - Irina, for those like me, who lives a busy life style on a very tight schedule, who always late with their dinner, but always strive for perfection in life and finds enormous satisfaction in art of cooking and entertaining my guests. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your cooking with us, test our free online recipes. Bon Appetite.