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Fairy Tale Log

Ingredients for roll:

3 large eggs
1 cup sugar
5 table spoons water
1 tea spoons vanillin
1 cup sifted all purpose flour (Gold Medal recommended)
1 tea spoon baking powder

Center filling:
1tea spoon instant Coffee
1 tea spoon Belgium cocoa
1 table spoon Cointreau Liqueur
1 table spoon Chambord Liqueur
1 table spoon Creme de Cassis Liqueur

1 cup cold water
3 table spoon sugar
5 table spoon Cointreau Liqueur
Line a 15x10 inch jelly-roll pan with waxed paper.

Beat eggs until they are thick and lemon colored. Gradually beat in sugar with vanillin. Add water and beat again Add flour and baking powder. Beat mixture until it is smooth. Pour mixture in prepared pan. Bake cake in preheated oven 375°F for 15 min. Turn out into towel covered by waxed paper and sprinkled with sugar. Roll up towel/waxed paper and cake together. Cool. Unroll cake and trim crust from the edges. Make center coco filling out of removed crust, add 2 table spoon Butter-Cream Filling (recipe follows) 1 tea spoon instant coffee, 1 tea spoon Belgium cocoa powder, 1 table spoon Cointreau Liqueur, 1 table spoon Creme de Cassis liqueur, 1 table spoon Chambord liqueur. Mix well and spread mixture along short side. Sprinkle syrup on the cake evenly. Spread ? half Butter-Cream on the cake and quickly roll up cake jelly-roll fashion. Spread the rest of cream on top. Sprinkle with cocoa and sliced almonds. Place few marzipan or chocolate candy if desired.

Butter-Cream Filling

1 cup sugar
2/16 cream of tartar
4 table spoon water
4 egg yolks
? tea spoon vanillin
2 sticks butter

Combine first 3 ingredients in saucepan. Bring to boiling point over medium – low heat, stirring constantly to dissolve sugar. Cook without stirring until a candy thermometer shows 244°F. Cool syrup about 1-2 min. Beat egg yolks in a bowl until they are very thick and lemon colored. Gradually beat the syrup, beating well after each addition. Add 3 table spoon Cointreau Liqueur. Beat again. Add butter and beat until smooth. Chill until medium stiff and then spread on the cake.

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