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Napoleon - French Pastry

1 package puff pastry frozen dough (European delight recommended)
4 table spoons ALL Purpose flour
1/4 pound shredded Belgium or French chocolate

Ingredients for cream:
3 large eggs
2 cups sugar
6 table spoon all purpose flour
3 cups 2% milk
2/3 tea spoon vanillin
8 OZ (250 gram) sweet whipped butter (Korovka/ vologda recommended)

Boil milk. In blender mix eggs, sugar, vanillin and flour Add mixture to boil milk and constantly mix on small heat until thickened. Cool and add butter, beat well.

Defrost dough. Divide into four parts. Sprinkle surface with flour and rollout thin sheet from each part. Place dough on oiled non stick 12x16 form. Bake 15 min at 350°F. Cool.

Spread cream between layers and on top. Sprinkle with shredded chocolate. . Refrigerate. Slice 2x3 inch peaces.

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