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4 eggs
2 sticks margarine (Fleishmann’s margarine recommended)
16 OZ sour cream (Breakstone’s recommended)
7.5 cup all purpose flour (Gold Medal recommended)
2 tea spoon Baking powder
1 tea spoon cinnamon
2/3 sugar
1/3 tea spoon Vanillin
1/2 package golden raisins
24 OZ your favorite jam (preferable 16 OZ strawberry jam plus 8OZ blackcurrant jam)
10OZ °Plain Breadcrumbs
12 OZ walnuts
18OZ Sunflower Oil

Preparation time: 15 min,
Cooking time: approximately - One hour. T-375°F in preheat oven.

Prepare two mixtures: Cinnamon and sugar and Jam with Breadcrumbs.

Mix margarine, sugar and vanillin. Add eggs, sour cream and sifted flower with Baking powder. Make dough which did not stick to your hands. Split dough in four parts. Each part you need to roll out thin on lightly flowered surface Pour Sunflower oil on each part. Sprinkle with mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Put ? of jam mixture with breadcrumbs on long side of dough 2-3 inch wide. The rest of dough you need to spread walnuts and raisins. Start rolling dough from jam. Secure ends and quickly move roll to Pyrex form (.10.5x14.5) Pour Sunflower Oil on top and sprinkle with Cinnamon-Sugar mixture (strudel must be deep in. Sunflower Oil at least for 1/2 of its height) Make slice marks with sharp knife. Always bake in preheat oven,

Cut on slices while hot.

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