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Potatoe Perogy Filled With Ground Chicken And Mushrooms


10 medium size boiled and mashed potatoes- completely cooled for perogy
1 egg
11/2 cup All purpose flour (Gold Medal recommended)
1/2 tea spoon Baking powder (Culumet recommended)
Olive oil


1 pound ground chicken
1 medium size fresh onion chopped
2/3 table spoon salt
1/4 table spoon ground black pepper
1/4 table spoon ground Allspice
1/4 table spoon parsley
1/3 table spoon dill
1 medium size shredded and lightly saute carrot
1 cup saute mushrooms (Get recipe in Salads and Vegetables Section)


2 large onions chopped and saute in olive oil

Cooking time 20min
Preparation time: 90 min

For chicken filling:

Place ground chicken into oiled non–stick pan. Cook until fully done (20 min). In large bowl mix well chicken, saute carrot, saute mushrooms, saute onion and all spices.

For perogy:

Mix well all ingredients and make bolls out of potatoes mixture and on floured palm press each boll. Place chicken filing in the center of flat surface of each boll and press together ends. Immediately start frying perogy for 2 min on each side.

Serve with saute sweet onions.

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